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major cities of Maharashtra

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Mumbai a cluster of seven islands, derives its name from "Mumbadevi" ,the patron goddess of the Koli fisher folk, its oldest inhabitants. Mumbai, till recently called Bombay, is the "Finance Capital of India" & one of the finest metropolitan in the world. Most of premier Multinational and National corporate houses are headquartered here, it remains the bastion of free enterprise. Its international airport and sea port are the busiest in the country and handle virtually 50% of all India’s foreign trade. The oldest stock exchange is located in Mumbai, The Mumbai Stock Exchange which has become an important indicator of the nation's financial business.
It doesn't lag behind even in as far as "Entertainment Industry" is concerned. The term industry is used because entertainment is like an industry which is churning out jobs to lakhs of people. Its famed Bollywood churns out more movies than any in the world. India's largest amusement park "Esselworld", spread over a sprawling 64 acres is situated at Gorai, Mumbai. It offers more then 45 thrilling & scintillating rides & games. "Waterworld" Asia's largest theme water park, with loads of innovative attractions, world's biggest wave pool, heart stopping rides & slides, river adventures & much more. Water kingdom is situated just next to Esselworld. An alluring mixture of races and cultures, the city pulsates with life and vitality from Nariman Point to its furthermost suburbs. Mumbai pulsates with activity. It is a city that is disciplined by no time frame neither by day nor night. A city of never-ending dreams is said about Mumbai & it is true.



Nested in the picturesque Sahyadris (the Western Ghats), just 150 km south of Mumbai, Pune is a contrast of history and modernism. Base of the Great Maratha Emperor, Chhatrapati Shivaji and the Peshwas, the city has been a cultural capital of Maharashtra for centuries. Pune is considered as the Oxford of India – with its many educational and research institutions apart from other institutions for sports, yoga, ayurveda, culture and social services. Pune is nowadays also seen as a potential city for massive growth of Information Technology.



Nowadays even known as Sambhajinagar is a place to stay when visiting the caves of Ajanta & Ellora, Aurangabad has a number of attractions in addition to this caves & is regarded as one of the chief cities in Maharashtra. It attracts visitors for the forts of great maratha king Shivaji Chatrapatti. 



This city was once then capital of an important Maratha state. The city is now counted among one of the most prosperous regions of the state. The region in & around Kolhapur city is referred as the "sugarcane belt", as also the city is a major producer of milk & milk products. The city also has number of medical & engineering colleges which has students from all over India.



Situated on the river Nag from which the town takes its name from Nagpur also has the distinction as the city in geographical terms is placed in the center of the country, Nagpur is the orange growing capital of India. The region in & around the city are also the chief centers for production of cotton.



This interesting place with its picturesque bathing ghats is a good stop on the way from Mumbai to Aurangabad. Nashik stands on the bank of Godavari river, one of the holiest rivers of the Deccan. Like Ujjain ,this one is one of the sites for the triennial Kumbh mela which comes here once in every 12 years. The riverbanks are lined with steps above which stand many temples & shrines. Common languages spoken & followed are Marathi, Gujrati, Hindi and English.

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