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Client Server
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ID Name Summary
C617 Kirti Deswal Masters in Computer Management, having skill sets in VBScript,ASP,Visual Interdev,XML, HTML, Java, C , Cobol , Pascal,Sql Server 7.0 etc, working as a programmer since last one year.
C584 Nikhil Anand Joshi B.E(Electronics & Power) with 4+ years of experience in Client server technology with skills in Java 2, C, ASP, Powerbuilder, Visual Basic, Sybase.
C573 Megha Rani B.Sc.(Comp. Sci.), M.C.A. with 2.5 years of experience in Visual Basic 6.0, SQL Server 7.0 on Windows NT 4.0 environment SQL Server 7.0, Foxpro 3.0, C, C++, Pascal, COBOL, PL-SQL, Windows NT 4.0 Visual Basic 6.0/5.0, Crystal Report 7.0, ActiveX, COM, DCOM.
C548 Nitin Tripathi Pursing Master Of Information Technology with 1 year experience in MS SQL, Developer 2000 with skills in java
C545 Chikkaballapur Jayakumar Anand B.E. having 4 years of experience in Oracle 7.x, Oracle 8i, Developer 2000 , PL/SQL V2.x.
C533 Niranjan Vyawahare B.E(Electronics and Telecommunication) having 5 years of experience in Client - Server Technology in Oracle and developer 2000 having skills in ASP
C530 Manoj Kumar Verma B.Tech.(Computer Science and Engineering) with 20 Months of experience and having knowledge of WinNT, UNIX, C, C++, VB6, SQLSERVER 6.5, ACTIVEX CONTROLS, DLLs, CRYSTAL REPORSTS, MS ACCESS, FORTRAN77, SQL SERVER 7.0, ORACLE 7.O.
C511 Manish Kumar Jaiswal Diploma in electronics and computer with 4 years of experience and having knowledge of Unix, Visual Foxpro6.0, Developer 2000, Visual Basic 5.0, Microsoft QuickBasic, SQL language, Oracle 8.0
C506 M Mani Maran B.E. with 1 1/2 year of experience and having knowledge of Java, Oracle 7.3, Oracle 8i, Visual Basic 5.0/6.0, VC++ 6.0., ASP 2.0, HP UNIX, Crystal Report 7.0.
C505 Atul Kumar B.Com ,4 years of experience in design, development and testing of software applications using Visual Basic, C, C++, Visual C++, COM, SQL & ActiveX technologies like Automation. OCX Controls.
C502 P H Sai Praveen B.E.(computer science) with 3 years experience as programmer.Skills are C, C++, PASCAL, PL-SQL, COBOL, WATCOM-SQL,CLP,ILE-RPG, ILE-COBOL, RDBMS : ORACLE 8.0,MS-SQL SERVER 6.5, DB2/400 GUI : VISUAL BASIC 6.0
C496 Kaustubh Kondhawekar M.B.A.(computers)with B.Sc, have skill sets in C, Cobol, PowerBuilder along with having work experience for 18 months.
C490 Karunakar Reddy P B.Com with 3 years experience in ORACLE 8.0/D2k/Visual Basic 6.0.
C489 Nitin Krishna Patil B.E(Electronics) having 1 year experience in Oracle/D2k having skill sets in ’C’,C++.
C480 Ramesh Lellapalli B.Sc. with five yearsof experience in various capacities in the field of Information Technology . also aware of sql,QUEST,COMPEL,3DF/X,CORELPHOTO - Multimedia Tools.
C450 Mandeep Singh Diploma in Electronics & Commn. Engg with 7 months of experience and having knowledge of C++, Java, VB 6.0, D2K, Oracle 7.x,8.0
C448 Namrata Srivastava Master Of Computer Management with 1 year experience in web development and 1 year experience in Oracle and VB having skills in C , C++, JDK1.2.1
C443 Narendra Gupta B.E.(Computer Science) with experience of 4+ years in Oracle and Developer2000
C433 Manish Kumar, GNIIT with 1 1/2 years of experience and having knowledge of Sybase, MS-Access 97, Visual Basic 6.0, C++, VC++, Unix.
C421 Syed Namwar Ahmed Rizvi Bachelor of Computer Science with 2+ years experience in Visual Basic 6.0, SQL Server 7.0. MTS, ASP and Microsoft Certified Professional of Visual Basic 5 ,Visual Basic 6 Desktop, Visual Basic 6 Distributed
C419 A Jawadh B.E.(Electrical and Electronics) with 2+ years experience as a Software Engineer.Skill sets are JAVA, C, C++, FORTRAN, and PL/SQL.
C398 Mala Iniyanehru B.E. in E.C.E, M.C.A with 3 years of experience and having knowledge of C++, PASCAL, COBOL,FORTRAN, Oracle8, Developer 2000, VB5
C390 Ashish G Mhatre B.E.(COMP) having 6 + months experience in developing software and skill set in VC++(MFC), COM, ActiveX.
C378 Subhasish Maitra B.Sc, Post-Graduate Diploma in Computer Science with over 11 years of experience and having knpwledge of PowerBuilder 4,5 and 7, Developer 2000 Oracle 7.x and Oracle 8i.
C372 Geetha R B.E.,(Computer Science & Engineering),working as programmer for WayEbiz Infotech,have knowledge of Win 95/98, DOS,Oracle 7.3, Ms Access,Applet, AWT, JDBC,Swing,Servlet, Java Server Pages and EnterPrise Java Beans
C369 Ashish Grover B.E(Comp Sci.) having approx. 2.5 years of software analysis, design and development experience Worked in the development of Client-Server Skilled in Java Server Pages,Java,WML,WMLS,Tomcat server,RMI, Oracle,D2K.
C360 Aseef J B.Tech (Electrical and Electronics) having 2+ years of experience as a software professional in Development tools such as PL SQL2.1,Oracle 7.1 VB 5.0,Java 1.1
C358 Madhusudhana Rao Rokkam B.E. with 3+ years of experience in Client/server development using VB, ASP, IIS, MTS, COM, ORACLE, SQL SERVER, MS ACCESS.
C357 Saji Varghese Bcom having 1 year experience in VisualBasic 5.0 with MS Access and skill sets in Oracle 7.1 Developer 2000, PowerBuilder 5.0
C344 Bharti Sharma B.Sc. (tech.) in Electronics Engineering,Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Software Design having experience in IT approx 6 months having skill set in Visual C++,VISUAL BASIC,Java,XML,JSP.
C342 Indranil Roy B.Sc, Microsoft Certified Solution Developer with 2 years of experience in 3 tier distributed environment with skill sets in VB,C++,VC++ COM/DCOM/COM+,MSMQ/MTS, IIS,ASP, SQL SERVER.
C316 Anubhav Singh,M.C.A having work experience of 6 months in VB 6.0,SQLserver-7,Oracle c++ having skill set in ASP,Java.
C310 Jesty C X M.C.A. with Two years experience in Analysis, Design, Development, and Testing of Client Server Systems. Extensive skills in writing programs in Java, JSP, Servlets and JavaScript for Web programming using Oracle 8.0 as its database.
C293 Dharmesh Gandhi overall experience of 1+ yr in developing Client / Serverapplications, excellent profiency in developing ASP based 3-tier secure Internet / Intranet applications Experience in developing 3-tier application using ASP as well as back endRDBMS such as SQL Server 7.0, MS Access and Oracle 7.1. Ability to manage database installation and doing database operator activities allows handling projects independently.
C284 Anjan Kumar Goswami B.A ,MASTER DIPLOMA IN COMPUTER SCIENCE having 3 yrs.experience in software development and SPECIALIZATION in VB 6.0,ORACLE 7.X,SQL-SERVER ASP,JAVA 1.2 .
C282 Milan Kumar Barui B.E. in Metallurgy with 22 Months of experience in Database using Oracle 7.x/8.x and having knowledge of Developer/2000, Oracle DBA
C237 Raghu B.E.(Electronics & Communication),Have 2.5 Years of IT Experience,worked as developer using Java,Java Servlets(JSDK2.0), JDBC, CGI(perl) for more than 2 years and also have knowledge of Windows 95, Windows NT, Unix,MS-SQL Server6.5,MS-Access,DB2,Sybase,Visual Basic,Cobol,Fortran,Pascal,PCS Aqua systems,VB Script,Html,IIS 4.0.
C213 Durba Sinha Roy. Aware of Sun Java, COM/DCOM and a Certified Professional in Developing Applications, also aware of pl/sql, VB etc, having 2 years of work experience.
C210 Gupta Rajesh Motilal. B. SC.(TECH)in Electronic Instrumentation with know ledge of Windows-95, Ms-Word, Ms-Excel & Ms-PowerPoint and from hardware part can also design & implement the digital as well as analog circuits who is currently emplyed with having 6 years of experience.
C204 P.g.mathew Tharakan. graduate with Diploma in Computer Operations by having Working knowledge of DOS, WIN-95. MS. Word, Excel, Power Point,Foxpro 25, Internet (E-mail), Fax (Bitware)etc, and presently working with a company since last 6 years.
C195 Archan Dhar, Completed my B.E. (Telecommunication Engineering) having 2 years experience in project based on UNIX, C, C++, VC++,SQL (v6.5)
C193 Sumithra Bashyam Masters in Computer Applications with Two years of strong experience in analysis, design and development of database applications using Oracle 8i/8.0/7.x, Developer 2000 (Forms 6.0/4.5, Reports 6.0/2.5), SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*Loader, Export/Import, OEM,Visual Basic under Windows NT environment. Developed packages, procedures, functions and database triggers using PL/SQL.
C171 Dineshmani Rajnarayan Gupta. graduate along with post Graduate Diploma in Computer Management and aware of Oracle, D2k, page maker,photoshop etc presently working as a software programmer since 5 years.
C148 Dhanashri Bal. Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and can efficiently use Unix,Oracle,C++,PowerBuilder,VB along with having 3 years work experience in Software consultancy.
C144 Devino Santan Menezes. Have done Bachelor of Engineering,also aware of c, c++ and beginner in Java having 1 year work experience.
C115 Deepak Khot. B.E(Mech.) along with an experienced analytical software developer expertise in database management systems having Strong experience in designing and development of client-server applications. Having work experieance of 2 years with various companies.
C110 Debashish Karan. I am Graduate by M.Sc. Maths. and also done my specialization in Computer Science & Numerical Analysis. Having technical experiences like D2k, Power Builder, VisualBasic.
C100 C.Daniel Jebakumar. I have done Honour Diploma in Computer Applications along with Advanced Diploma in Application Programming & Techniques. Having 9 months experience as programmer.
C91 Nagaraj. B. N B.Com,MCA with 5 years of experience in client server and knowledge of vb,oracle,sql-server,java,d2k,c++,vc++
C89 Dalvir Singh. Area of Interest : Application Development using Visual Basic 5/6 with SQL/Oracle as back-end.

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