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Justice is Truely Blind. After a recent transfer to the criminal court, Judge Robert Hutson of the Orange County Superior Court was invited to watch presiding Judge David Carter blaze through some 100 felony cases a day in order to get the feel of the criminal court's calendar and events. One day, after Judge Carter was called away from the bench, Judge Hutson stepped in to call the days' criminal calendar. Asked how his first solo day of criminal law went, Judge Hutson is recalled having only one complaint. He had trouble reading Judge Carter's large wall calendar, which hangs some 15 feet away from the bench. Judge Hutson was quoted as having said:
By JUDGE HUTSON: "The court will instruct the court's staff to make those numbers larger and write clearer. They're fuzzy!"

An attorney was defending a case on behalf of a modular home vendor. The Plaintiff, a purchaser of a modular home, sold and set up by the vendor, had sued when his home developed substantial cracks in its ceilings and walls. The Plaintiff was on the stand and had just testified about the cracks his home had experienced, when the following occured:
Plaintiff's Counsel: "Tell me sir, why do you think your home developed cracks in the ceilings and walls?"
Defense Counsel: "Objection your Honor, this witness has no expertise in this area, there is an obvious Lack of Foundation --"
Plaintiff: "-- that's exactly the problem, your client tried to put this home on cinder block, which is a lack of foundation!!"

I want my MTV. After telephoning a local "Circuit City" electronics store in search of a new television set, Mr. Hlywa was told he would receive a telephone call back regarding the availablity of the make and model of television he was interested in purchasing. After just a few minutes the office receptionist informed him that "Circuit" was on the line. The following conversation transpired:

  • "Wow! That was fast, what did you find out regarding the T.V. set?"
  • "Excuse me?" the female voice replied.
  • "The T.V., what did you find out?" Mr. Hlywa again queried.
  • "I'm sorry sir?"
  • "Darn! O.K. then what about that larger T.V. being advertised? Do you have that one?" "We don't have T.V.'s here sir," the female voice firmly retorted.
  • "What do you mean? Sure you do, I've seen them there," Mr. Hlywa responded.
  • "Sir, I'm telling you --" the female voice muttered, cut off in mid-sentance.
  • "-- Look! Do you have the T.V. or not?" a now puzzled Mr. Hlywa demanded.
  • "SIR! This is the 9th 'Circuit' Court of Appeals calling to inform you that oral arguments will not be required in the matter before us.

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