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How does Clinton practice safe sex?
He doesn't light the cigar. When Jennifer Flowers was asked if the relationship she shared with the President was similar to that experienced between the President and Monica Lewinsky, Jennifer replied, "It was close - but no cigar."

Why does Hillary want to have sex with Bill, the minutes he come upstairs from the Oval Office?
She wants to be the First Lady

What does Bill Clinton call Monica's ears ?
Love handles...

What's the difference between the leader of Islamic Terrorism and the leader of the United States Of America?
One's Bin Laden, the other's bin laid in the White House!

Bill Clinton is considering changing the Democratic Party logo from a donkey to a condom because it represents inflation, halts production, and gives you a false sense of security while you are being screwed.

 The FBI has coined a technical term for the stains found on Monica's dress:
What does the D.C. in Washington, D.C. stand for?
Disappearing Cigar

From the law offices of Johnnie Cochrane, Esquire, here are the top ten proposed closing arguments in the matter of United States v. William J. Clinton:

  1. If the dress aint a mess, he won't need to confess
  2. The economy's great, let the White Boy skate
  3. If the Bitch didn't spit, you must acquit
  4. If she is not spread eagle, then it is not illegal
  5. Lewinsky's a whore, and Bill's better than Gore
  6. So he lied to the masses, he was just saving some asses
  7. He cheats on his wife, but its his personal life
  8. Bill can't tell the truth till he sees Ken Starr's proof
  9. Bill is not sleazy, Lewinsky's just easy
  10. If the sex is just oral, it is not really immoral

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