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Tumble Polished Stones Pebbles & Chips

Tumble polished Agate & Fancy Stones come in an array of colors in the form of random shaped natural PEBBLES (3/4" - 2") and CHIPS (8mm-20mm).

Grades II & I 

What are Grades I & II ?

Grades are based on hand-picked selection of pieces. Those which are flawless with high polish and pronounced color are classified as Grade I. Naturally Grade I is higher and superior in pricing.

Grade II is distinguishable from Grade I to the discerning Sorter in our workshop who picks up any piece which is not flawless. It may be having a minor dent or lesser finish. That's what makes Grade II sortings strikingly affordable for bulk use. Grade II buyers and users are often surprised to find the quality amazingly surpassing their expectations because the flaws are purely technical.

These PEBBLES & CHIPS impart a surreal ambience of joyous nature when laid out along outdoor lawns, pathways, poolsides, fountains, aquariums. Inside homes, hotels, clubs and the like, they enhance & beautify with  natural loveliness the atmosphere within. When placed informally in planters, vases, bowls they promote a sense of ease, an air of relaxation, and luxurious warmth.

For sheer fantasy choose an assortment of mixed colors and for accentuating a particular mood, select an appropriate single color.

GRADE I - (Personal adornment use)

Both DIY jewellery and accessory enthusiasts as well as  trade find these gem Pebbles and Chips excellent for preparing pendants, charms, rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, brooches, keychains etc.  They can be assembled with cords, chains, findings or adhesives.

With a dash of attractive packaging in pouches, bag, boxes, chests, mini-barrels which may be of any suitable material like wood, velvet, see-through soft PVC etc., these Pebbles and Chips become a unique presentation item. Distinctive as Collectors souvenirs also.

OTHER USES OF CHIPS : For more selective ornamental commercial uses the CHIPS (which normally come in  size range 8-20mm) can be pulverised to finer grit (less than 8 mm) so that they become suitable for application on wall surfaces with adhesive, as is done with sand and gravel to achieve water and damp resistance, for the walls but with a touch of class!

Innovative Paint Manufacturers also use still finer (less than 1 mm) coloured grit as an ingredient in their Acrylic Paint products. Which lends uniqueness to their brand.





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