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Identical twin brothers. One lives a godly life, good husband and father, reputable businessman, lots of community service. One is a hell-raiser, drunk, unfaithful to wife, mean to kids, cheats and lies. They both die at about the same time. The good twin is in heaven and can look down on the bad twin in hell. Hell is not as the good twin imagined. His brother is drinking and partying, lots of beautiful women, music, dancing, passionate kissing going on. The good twin sees St Peter and says to him, "Mind you, I'm not complaining. This place is peaceful and beautiful, but my brother down there looks like he's having the time of his life. He has his own beer keg and just look at that gorgeous woman he is kissing." St Peter puts an arm on the man's shoulder and says, "My son, all is not as it seems. The keg has a hole in it. The woman doesn't."

See what happens to the punch line when all the famous big companies produce CONDOMS.
Lux Condoms Filmi Sitaron Ki Pasand
Kelvinator Condoms Its The Coolest One
Bajaj Condoms Buland Bharat Ki Buland Tasveer
Four Square Condoms Live Life King Size
Videocon Condoms Bring Home The Leader
Philps Condoms Lets Make Things Better
Onida Condoms Neighbours Envy,Owners Pride
Pepsi Condoms Yehi Hai Right Choice Baby ....Aah
Thums Up Condoms Taste The Thunder
Coca-Cola Condoms Eat Condom,Sleep Condom Wear Only Coca-Cola
Ariel Condoms Dhundate Rahe Jaogaye
Rotomac Condoms Sab Kuch Dikhta Hai
Wills Condoms Made For Each Other
Servo Condoms Use Servo, Add Life
Ceat Condoms Born Tough
Amul Condoms A Gift For Someone You Love
BPL Condoms Beleive In The Best
Nike Condoms Just Do It
Siemens Condoms Communication Unlimited
Visa Condoms Go Get It
Polo Condoms The Condom With A Hole
Colgate Condoms Maa-Maa Mere Condom Me Ched Hai, Ched Nahi Beta Ye Sadan Hai
Fevicol Condoms Yeh Fevicol Ka Mazbooth Jod Hai, Tootega Nahin.
Suzuki Condoms No Problem Condom
Hero Honda Condoms Wear It, F**K And Forget It
Mint-0 Condoms All Elastic, No Hole
Boost Condoms Secret Of My Energy
Taj Mahal Condoms Wah Taj Kya Colors Hai
Suzuki Shaolin Condoms 5 Gear System For Smoother Ride
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