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Did you know that Hillary is writing a new book?
The title is: "it takes a village..... to satisfy my husband."

 What would Bill Clinton get if he took Viagra?

What will Clinton's presidency be remembered for?
Following bush.

One afternoon, three close friends named Hercules, Sleeping Beauty and Don Juan, sat by the river contemplating their lives.
Bold and arrogant, Hercules exclaimed that he was surely the strongest person in the world.
"That may be true", said Sleeping Beauty, "but I am better because I am obviously the most beautiful person in the world".
Don Juan laughed at both of them and said that without a doubt, he must be the greatest person alive simply because he had been with the most women.
After several hours of argument, they decided to consult a Guru for the truth.
First, Hercules went into Guru's cave. A few moments later he came out with a massive grin on his face. The Guru had said that he was, in fact, the strongest person in the world. He was very pleased.
Sleeping beauty came out of the cave with a lovely smile: "It is true! I AM the most beautiful woman in the world!"
Moments later a distraught Don Juan came stomping out of the cave: "Who the hell is Bill Clinton!!???"

Clinton and Gore are sitting around in the oval office, shooting the breeze. After a while, as expected, the Lewinsky situation came up.
Gore says, You know Bill, I just think we have different mindsets about things. For example, I don't believe in premarital sex. I never slept with Tipper before we got married. How about you?"
Clinton paused and thought, then said, "I don't know Al, what was her maiden name again?

A recent survey showed that teenagers are much more likly to know Leonardo DiCaprio than Al Gore...
What is the difference between Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Gore?
Gore really knows what it is like to go down on a sinking ship.

Aside from getting caught, what has Clinton's biggest mistake been in the Lewinsky affair?
Not getting Teddy Kennedy to drive her home!

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