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What does Bill say to Hillary after sex?
--I'll be home in twenty minutes.

Why does Bill Clinton wear underwear?
--To keep his ankles warm.

Realization of from another White House intern . . .
--And all that time I thought that humming was the shredder!

Why was Monica Lewinsky in the White House after hours?
--Clinton was showing her the proper way to take "dic"tation.

What was President Clinton's explanation for having oral sex with Monica Lewinsky?
--"They told me she was the "head" intern!"

What's the recipe for Clinton stew?
--A small weenie in hot water.

What do Monica and Bill Clinon have most in common?
--They're both going down.

Someone ask Clinton if he was going back to Arkansas after this is all over.
--He said he thought he would stay in D.C. and poke around for a while.

Why does Bill drink so much coffee?
--He is required to "stay up" for many hours to satisfy the needs of his staff.

How did Clinton exercise his position as Commander-in-Chief?
--By barking out orders . . . like "Get Under the Desk!"

Don't feel sorry for Monica......
--She'll be back "on her knees" in no time!

Why did Bill get into this problem?
--He didn't know that harass was one word.

Clinton Presidential Anthem --
--Kneel to the Chief

What's the difference between Watergate and Zippergate?
--At least this time, there's no doubt about the identity of "Deep Throat."

Why did Monica Lewinsky accept an offer to work on the White House staff?
--She didn't understand know what STAFF he really meant.

Who's going to score first in the Super Bowl?
--The Denver Broncos or the Green Bay Packers? Bill Clinton

What's Hillary's new nickname for Bill's penis?
--"The Titanic" - because over 1500 interns went down on it.

How does Hillary feel?
--She may be the FIRST LADY, but she won't be the LAST

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