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What did Princess Di and Mother Theresa have in common?
They were both chaste/chased.

Why did Princess Diana get to the Pearly Gates before Mother Theresa?
Mother Theresa deserved a Royal Reception.

With Mother Teresa also dying it's...
Protestants one, Catholics one.
Yesterday a ferryboat leaving Haiti capsized and drowned 300 people. But a tragedy was avoided when they discovered that none of them on board was a princess.

Twenty reasons why Jesus is different to Diana
  1. You don't have to apologise for not believing in Jesus
  2. You don't have to queue up for 24 hours to sign the condolences books for Jesus
  3. No one thinks MI5 killed Jesus
  4. The papers never changed their minds about Jesus
  5. You can't do 120mph on a donkey
  6. The Beatles were bigger than Jesus
  7. Jesus only healed the lame; he never got his picture taken with them
  8. Jesus hung around with Jews
  9. Schoolchildren can opt out of the compulsory act of worship for Jesus
  10. Jesus didn't slag off his family on television
  11. There were only three kings came to see Jesus
  12. No Christmas carol ever went platinum
  13. Florists don't make money out of Jesus
  14. Some Christians admit to doubts about the resurrection
  15. The Queen was never forced to bow her head for Jesus
  16. No one ever postponed a Port Vale game for Jesus
  17. The churches aren't full at Easter
  18. Jesus didn't even get two 'O' levels
  19. There were only four accounts written of Jesus's life
  20. Jesus wouldn't have been seen dead in the back of a Mercedes

Did the British Secret Service kill Princess Diana?
No, the French underground did it.

Q: What does a blonde say after multiple orgasms?
A: Way to go team!

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