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What happens when you french kiss a fairy tale Princess?
The frog turns into a wall and croaks.

Why has the death of of Diana been good for Ecumenism (the bringing together of Catholic and Protestant churches)?
It has been 400 years since the Church of England canonised a saint!

What is worse than being chased by paparazzi?
Being chauffeured by a French driver.

What's worse than being chauffeured by a French driver?
Being treated by a French doctor.

What did the French photographer say to Princess Diana as she was pulled from the car wreck?
"What will you be wearing at the funeral?"

Apparently Elton John wasn't the first choice to play a tribute at the Funeral.
But Tommy Steele declined since he thought "Crash-Bang-Wallop - What a Picture! - What a Photograph!" may have been in poor taste...

What's the Bangles new hit?
"Crash like an Egyptian"

My wife kept complaining that I never took her on vacation, so I decided to take her to Paris and give her the royal treatment...

Dodi - "Well my dear would you like to stay the night at my luxury home? - its a couple of hours drive from here I'm afraid!"
Diana - "Oh Dodi I'm sure we can find somewhere nearer to crash for the night!!"

Why was Princess Diana so thin?
Crash diet.

Did you hear that Dodi wanted to go night-clubbing but Diana just wanted to crash.

As Princess Di was leaving the Ritz Hotel, the guy at the reception said "So Di, your not going to sleep here tonight". Di said "No, I think I will crash somewhere else".

What did Dodi say to Di before they left the Ritz.?
"Do you want to sleep here or crash in the car?"

What was Diana wearing the night of her crash?
Crushed velvet.

How does a french man pickup Lady Di?
With a mop!!

What was the last thing she kissed?
The radiator!
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