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What do William & Harry have in common with a flower garden in January (July in the antipodes)?
Dead Mums

What's the difference betwee Elton John and Princess Diana?
One's composing, the other is decomposing.
... Princess Diana never became a queen of England.

Whats the difference between a Volvo and a Mercedes?
A Volvo has the heir-bag in the front.

What's the difference between Freddy Mercury and Princess Di?
Freddy lived long enough to be a Queen.

What does Di and Freddie Mercury have in common?
Both had to die to get away from Queen.

What's the difference between those who get offended by Princess Diana jokes and a puppy?
The puppy eventually stops whining.

What's the difference between Diana and a pocketful of change?
It's easier to scrape together a pocketful of change.

What does Diana and Cinderella have in common ?
Their car became a pumpkin
{Hint: In spanish pumpkin (Calabaza) is synonymous of shit (caca) )}

What do Lady Di and John Denver have in common?
They're both dead and they both sucked

What is the difference between Pricess Di and Michael Hutchence?
Hutchence was wearing a belt when he died

What's the difference between Whitney Houston and Princess Diana?
Whitney Houston's bodyguard saved her.

Why does Kevin Costner want Princess Di in his next movie?
He thinks she'll be a smash hit.

Why did Di die?
She thought she was to appear in Waterworld 2.

What does Princess Di and landmines have in common?
Their both laid by arabs

What's the difference between Princess Di and Stuart Diver's wife?
One got f**ked by a Diver the onther got f**ked by a driver.

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