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Did you here that after more than 60 hours after the crash Stuart Diver was found alive and well in the glovebox.

Did you hear that the Frecnh are making a new day to commerate Dodi and Di's Death?
They're gonna call it DodiDiDieDay

Di drink - Di drive - Di died

Diana did a deadly deed!

What's the similarity between Neighbours & Prince Charles?
Neighbours have Mrs Mangle, Charles has a mangled Mrs.

Bearing in mind the driver was pissed out of his head, Diana's family should forget trying to sue the paparazzi, they haven't got a leg to stand on.
What would Diana be doing if she were alive today?
Trying to claw her way out of her coffin.
What is Diana doing right now?

How do you make a princess blush?
take one leggy, knockout princess
place in a mercedes
crush thouroughly
place juices in a jug, add yeast, wait 7-14 days
strain and place in a nice decanter and...
voila... a princess blush

How do you make a princess pregnant?
Cum on the radiator and let the merc do the rest.

How do you spoil Princess Diana?
Leave her out in the sun.

Did you hear that Prince William went out for a couple of drinks that saturday night and came home absolutely motherless.

What was Diana's last dessert dish?
a Turnover.

Burger King is going to offer a Lady Di Combo:
Egyptian sausage on an Englsh muff-in splattered with ketchup all over and a bottle of perrier.

Did you hear Pizza Hut is anouncing a "Princess Di Meatlover's Pizza"? It's made with two kinds of meat: Egyptian sausage and Welsh beaver.

The princess used to like fish and chips but now she's stuck on ribs.
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