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What's the difference between Whitney Houston and Princess Diana?
Whitney Houston's bodyguard saved her.

Why does Kevin Costner want Princess Di in his next movie?
He thinks she'll be a smash hit.

Why did Di die?
She thought she was to appear in Waterworld 2.

What does Princess Di and landmines have in common?
Their both laid by arabs

What's does Princess Di and Stuart Diver have in common?
Nothing Princess Di's dead!
Hint:Stuart Diver was the sole surviver from a landslide in Thredbo, a popular ski resort in Australia

What's the difference between Princess Di and Stuart Diver's wife?
One got f**ked by a Diver the onther got f**ked by a driver.

Did you here that after more than 60 hours after the crash Stuart Diver was found alive and well in the glovebox.

Did you hear that the Frecnh are making a new day to commerate Dodi and Di's Death?
They're gonna call it DodiDiDieDay

Di drink - Di drive - Di died

Diana did a deadly deed!

A possible headline in germany:
Di tot. Dodi dito.
Di dead. Dodi dito.

Apparently the chauffeur wasn't the only legless person in the car.

What's the similarity between Neighbours & Prince Charles?
Neighbours have Mrs Mangle, Charles has a mangled Mrs.

Bearing in mind the driver was pissed out of his head, Diana's family should forget trying to sue the paparazzi, they haven't got a leg to stand on.

What do Lady Di and the Beatles have in common?
They both made quite an impact over in Europe.

So they found out Princess Di had dandruff.
They found her "head and shoulders" in the back seat.
Hint: Head and Shoulders = Dandruff Shampoo
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