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Who was the last guy to f*ck princess Di?
The doctor who turned her life support machine off!

Have you heard about the Lady Di Inflatable Doll?
You can make the 'People's Princess' your own personal princess!

What are the last two things Dodi did?

What would Diana be doing if she were alive today?
Trying to claw her way out of her coffin.

What is Diana doing right now?

How do you make a princess blush?
take one leggy, knockout princess place in a mercedes crush thouroughly place juices in a jug, add yeast, wait 7-14 days strain and place in a nice decanter and... voila... a princess blush

How do you make a princess pregnant?
Cum on the radiator and let the merc do the rest.

How do you spoil Princess Diana?
Leave her out in the sun.

Did you hear that Prince William went out for a couple of drinks that saturday night and came home absolutely motherless.

 What's the similarity between Princess Di and a landmine?
They're both easy to lay but difficult to clear up.

What's the difference between the a Royal Mail strike and Diana?
A Royal mail strike stops the post ... and a post stops Diana.

What do William & Harry have in common with a flower garden in January (July in the antipodes)?
Dead Mums

Whats the difference between a Volvo and a Mercedes?
A Volvo has the heir-bag in the front.

What's the difference between Freddy Mercury and Princess Di?
Freddy lived long enough to be a Queen.
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