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What's the difference between Diana and Tiger Woods?
Tiger Woods has a better driver.

What's the difference between George Best and Dodi's chauffeur?
George Best can still take corners when he's pissed.

Did you hear that Di has a new chauffeur?
Ayrton Senna.

What's the one word that could have saved Princess Diana's life?

Why wouldn´t you want to buy any computer hardware at Harrod´s?
Their drivers are crash-prone!

What`s the difference between "Thomas the Tank Engine" and Princess Di?
Thomas made it through the tunnel!

What do Diana and Darren Milane have in common?
They both didn't make it home from the tunnel.
(How Melbourne-specific is this joke, eh?)

What's the difference between the NFL and Princess Diana?
The NFL players came out of the tunnel Sunday.

Diana's new title:
Princess of Walls

What was the last thing that Diana said to Dodi?
I want it hard and fast and up against the wall.

What does Princess Di have in common with the Richmond Football Club?
They both got f*cked by walls.
(Another Melbourne-specific joke)

What was the last thing Diana & Dodi had to drink?
4 Harvey Wallbangers, 2 Slammers, followed by 7 chasers and a Pina Colida

What's the difference between Lady Di and the Eastern Germans?
The Eastern Germans survived the wall.

What do Lady Di and Pink Floyd have in common?
Their last greatest hit was the WALL.
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