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What has 500 legs and 62 teeth?
The front row at Princess Diana's funeral.

Why did Diana and Charles get divorced?
They had a fight over who wore the skirt in the family.

Why does Prince Charles use Energiser Batteries?
Because they, "Never say Di".

Apparently, at Diana's funeral the Queen Mother caught the bouquet.

Why did Diana divorce Charles?
She finally relized a ruler wasnt 12 inches long

What's the difference between the London Ritz and the Paris Ritz?
You get mints after dinner at the London Ritz and minced after dinner at the Paris Ritz.

What sound did the ambulance make?
Dodi dodi dodi dodi dodi dodi...

Why did Di start crying?
Because her dodi flew out the window

Did Dodi do Di before Di and Dodi died?

What does Dodi and Dodo have in common?
They are both extinct.

Dodi's Tomb was to be fitted with central heating until they realised that he already had a radiator on his chest.

Would Diana have been buried if she had been married to Dodi?
No she would then have been mummy-Fied.

Did you hear about the confused Irishman who laid a wreath in Knotty Ash for Doddy.
Explanation: Ken "Doddy" Dodd is an English comedian who made his home-town Knotty Ash famous

Did you know that Dodi organized the accident?
He thought his father said, "Bury the whore!" instead of, "Marry the bore!".

Di was on drugs...
Speed, then smack.

What did Princess Di say to Dodi after he gave her the Ring?
Aren't we moving a bit to fast!
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