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What did the French doctors say to Prince Charles when they telephoned him?
"Princess Die"

What did Dodi say to his chauffeur?
"Do you want to come to Paris with me and Di?"

Did you hear they are going to make a movie about her?
It's going to be called "Di hard".
... "Live and Let Di"
... "One Wedding and a Funeral"
... "Four holidays and a funeral"
And it's to be shown in drive-in theatres only

Did you hear that Di is going to get married again?
They say its a match made in heaven.

Its politically incorrect to say that someone has Di'd.
You say someone's life has "come to an end". 

What did Elton John say when he heard of Di's dimise?
"Great another No. 1"

Why did Elton John sing at Diana's funeral?
He wanted toupee his respects.

Prince William and his daddy Charles were both at the funeral of Diana. William asked "Daddy, why are there so many people?" Charles answerd "It's always this crowded when Elton John plays."

What was one of Elton John's jobs at Diana's funeral?
To make sure there were enough twinkies there.

Why did Elton John sing at the funeral?
Because he's the only queen who cares.

Why did Elton john take his boyfriend to the funeral?
So at least one old queen would be seen to cry in public.

What do Diana and Versace have in common?
They both get screwed by queens and die.

Why did Lady Di go and die?
She wanted to be the first to try on the Versace Summer 98 Collection.
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