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In a surprise press release, Paris officials confirmed today that Princess Diana's internal organs will be divvyed up and sped post-haste to the most deserving charities in the world. Paparazzi have been on the alert for further sightings.

What was the last thing Diana said to the paparazzi?
No more pictures, I'm a bloody Princess!

Apparently, Diana had a pizza in the Ritz before the fatal journey.
Silly cow asked for extra paparazzi.

What's the bumper sticker on Fergie's car?
I brake for Paparazzi.

What's the difference between the paparazzi and Princess Di?
The paparazzi dig for dirt, Di dug for gold.

When Diana said she would never talk to the British press again I didn't know she was speaking the truth!!

All 7 journalists are being charged with ma'am-slaughter.

What does Diana's bumper sticker say?
My other car's a decoy.

What is the difference between leeches and the paparazzi?
Leeches fall off after you die.

The paparazzi asked Prince Charles if he has had sex since divorcing Diana.
He replied, "infrequently." The paparazzi responded by saying, "Is that one word or two?"

How many paparazzis does it take to kill Di?
50. One to drive in front of Di and 49 to take pictures.

How did The Royal Family stop the paparazzi from visiting Diana's grave?
By placing Land mines around it.

The Top Ten Most Depraved Tabloid Headlines
(A Salute to the Paparazzi)
  1. Elvis and Diana Seen Rockin' and Rollin' in Tupelo, Mississippi
  2. Statue of Virgin Mary in Remote Yorkshire Church Sheds Tears During Diana's Funeral
  3. Diana's Hidden Bisexual Love Life!! Exclusive Photos of her in Elton John's Love Nest
  4. Plans for Michael Jackson--Princess Di Cosmetic Line Put on Hold
  5. Diana Dies in Versace Original
  6. "Babies Spanked by Diana," says Former Nanny Co-worker
  7. Luxury Mercedes Fails Crash Test! Company Denies Coverup!
  8. Profit from Mortuary Photos Donated to Land Mine Victims' Rehab Centre by National Enquirer.
  9. Princess Di's Last Booze-up. The Shocking Ritz Hotel Bar Bills
  10. Camilla and Charles Desolate with Grief at News of Diana's Death.

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