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Press release from the National Enquirer:
"Following the gross misconduct of paparazzi at the scene of Princess Diana's death, we have decided that, after the funeral, we will no longer be accepting photos of Princess Diana for publication."

Mother Teresa and Princess Di are up in heaven. Mother Teresa sees Di and wonders why Di has a huge halo around her head. Mother Teresa asks God why Di has a huge halo for doing some work with the poor and why herself has a small halo for devoting her life to helping people. God says "Mother Teresa don't tell anyone, but that's not a halo". Then he whispers "Its a steering wheel".

Just heard the details of Mother Theresa's death.It seems she died in a fiery crash of her rickshaw. After dining at the Calcutta Ritz with her playboy boyfriend, they were being pulled wildly through the streets trying to avoid the paparazzi. Rumours have started that the rickshaw driver was drunk. So sad, two in one week.

 Princess Diana and Mother Theresa have died and are at the Pearly Gates. Saint Peter says, "Tell me a little about what you did on earth." The first one says, "I lived among sick and diseased people on the lowest rung of society. Every day I heard them cry out wanting more and more of me." "Yeah" said Saint Peter, "Those Paparazi are real scum. You can come in Di." Then he turned to the other woman. "What about you Mother Theresa?

Why did Mother Theresa die of a heart-attack?
She had the same heart doctor as the one who worked on Princess Di

What's the difference between Mother Theresa and Diana?
Around 5 days.

By the way, Elton John is now set to make a tribute record for Mother Teresa...
Sandals in the bin

What did the Pope say when asked, "Why was Diana more popular than Mother Theresa?"
"Well, Di did have a more smashing personality."

What did Mother Theresa ask Diana the last time they met?
"Can you give me a crash course in media recognition?"
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