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Diu &n Daman
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Area : 72 Sq. Kms.
Population : 62,101 (1991 Census figure)
Languages : Gujarati, Hindi, Portuguese, English
Accessibility : Talk in general about major airports ,major roads etc



The name Daman can be traced from the 1st Century A.D. The place can boast of a lot of greenery as well as an enjoyable atmosphere conducive to inherent peace of mind and serenity not easily found in adjoining areas of the state of Gujarat.

In ancient times, it comprised of two Praganas known as PRAGANA KALANA PAVRI or the LOTUS OF THE MARSHLANDS separated from PRAGANA NAER by a River Ganga originating in the Hills of Pughysauvar in the Kandesh region. The River passes through the Portuguese villages of Bildary and Gurvary, runs through in various directions through the Pragana NAGAR HAVELI, rounds the south of DADRA enters the Pragana of Kalana Pavri and Naer and meets the Arabian Sea.

The Pragana Kalana Pavri comprised of 13 villages and 12,883 inhabitants while the Pragana Naer consisted of 23 villages. It comprised an area of 384 square kilometers from the River Auranga in the North to River Agashi or Dantura on the South and with a total population of 49,084 inhabitants as per the Census of 1881. From the glorious past with three provinces, one full fledged city, one Villa denominated Palace of Arcos, 101 villages, three parishes and 9,842 cannons it became into tiny 72 Sq. Km. in area spread between the Kolak River on the North to the Kalai River on the South. The Pragana Kalana Pavri is known as Nani Daman or Small Daman and the Pragana Naer is known as Moti Daman or Big Daman.


Daman represents a mingling of tribal, urban, European and Indian cultures which is evident from the traditional dances of this place. Various forms of Portuguese dance are well-preserved and are widely presented. Tribal dances with caustic social comment are very much in vogue. Dance and music form part of the daily life of the local people.

Nariyal Poornima

This festival marks the beginning of the fishing season. As a ritual, locales Daman flock to the sea-shore to offer coconut to the mighty Gods who preside over wind and water. Nariyal Poornima is a day of joy, feasting and revelry. Hundreds of tourists flock to Daman to witness a variety of colorful water sports and to at end the cultural programmes.


Daman explodes with light, laughter, song and dance during the happy season of Christmas. The season is one of goodwill and fellowship. The administration of Daman celebrates Christmas as part of its tourism promotion programme and people from far and wide come to witness the fascinating Portuguese dance and to taste the well known Christmas cookies of Daman. For more information please contact Tourist Information Centre at Paryatan Bhavan, near Bus Stand, Nani Daman.

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