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Area : 1,92,000 sq. kms.
Population : (1981 Census) 3,71,360,000
Languages : Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Urdu, Marathi, Tulu, Kodagu, Konkani, Hindi.
Capital : Bangalore
Accessibility : Talk in general about major airports ,major roads, rail heads etc.

Karnataka is well known for producing some of the country's foremost statesmen, scholars and sportspersons, and is one of the major revenue rakers through its strong tourism industry. The landscape is very varied, with a beautiful coast, flatland plains and a lot of mountains. It is dotted with hill stations, beach resorts and architectural excavations, making it a great vista for tourists with every kind of interest.The people are known as Kannadigas, which are the Kannada speaking peole, there are also the Coorgis of the Coorg hills and the Tulus of the Udipi regions.

Climate: Semi-tropical Seasons Summer, March to May (18oC to 40oC); Winter December, March to May (14oC to 32oC);
Seasons, South-West Monsoon: June to August; North-East

Monsoon: October to December
Rainfall: 500 mm to over 4000 mm.

Traditional Products: Coffee, silk, sandalwood, agarbathis, ivory carvings, inlay work, badriware, lacquerware


The Krishna System- Krishna, Tungabhadra, Vedavati, Hagari Malaprabha, Ghataprabha, Doni, Bhima.

The Kaveri System- Kaveri, Hemavati, Harangi,Kapila, Shimsha. West-flowing rivers - Kalinadi, Gagavali, Aghanashini, Sharavati, Varahi, Netravati.

Other rivers - Manjra and Karanja (tributaries of the Godavari);Palar, Pennar, Poonaiyar

Major Industries: Electronics, Computer Engineering, Aeronautics, Machine Tools, Watch-making, Electrical Engineering, Aluminum, Steel

Major Crops: Ragi, jowar, rice; sugarcane, coconut, groundnuts; coffee; cotton

Major Minerals: Gold (90% of India's production), iron ore, manganese, maganesite

Main Educational Centres: Indian Institute of Science, Raman Research Institute, National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences, Central Food Technological Research Institute, Indian Space Research Organisation, National Aeronautical Laboratory, National Institute for Sports (South).

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