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major cities of Gujarat


The state of Gujarat has many a cities to be visited; each one welcoming the visitor to enjoy its rich splendor. Take a look at the one you wish to spend your vacation in


In 1615,the British representative Sir Thomas compared this city to London. Shah Jahan, builder of Taj Mahal, spent the first few years of his married life in Ahmedabad with his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal.


Specially built for displaced persons after partition. Kandla is a major port, the only free trade zone of the country is very close by.


It is situated 70 Kms from Vadodara. Ancient town with a 2000 year history. On a hilltop is a fort which overlooks the river Narmada.


A flourishing walled city is the most important town in the area. It is a paradise of handicrafts and lifestyle lovers. There are villages rich in craft and culture.


Gujarat's picturesque hill station is perched on a plateau in the Dang forest area of the Sahyadari Range. At an altitude of about 1000 m. it has a cool bracing climate, the highest temperature even in the summer months not exceeding 28 Degrees C.


Since the earliest times, the ancient port of Surat has been renowned for its fine silks and exquisite brocades and its trade in spices. Surat has been one of the most prosperous of India's cities in the 17th & 18th century.


Junagadh breathes history. These edicts, set up by Ashoka, the Great Indian emperor, date back 2200 years. Within this ancient fort of Uparkot, the architectural marvels of Hindu Chudasma rulers and Muslim Mohmud Beghda coexist in perfect harmony.


Kutch, a little rann is one and a half hour drive out of Ahmedabad.The entire little Rann Of Kutch known as the "Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary" is a featureless expanse of flat land- the sea bed dotted with islands known as " Baits" which form the core for the flora and fauna.


Rajkot was once the capital of the princely state of Saurashtra. It is best known as the town where Mahatma Gandhi spent the early years of his life when his father was a Prime Minister of the king of Saurashtra.


Known as Vadodara in the past, is the city of Baroda which means the place of banyan trees. It was once the capital of the princely Gaekwads, Vadodara is a graceful city of palaces, parks, temples and museums. It came under rule of Maratha dynasty of Gaekwad in 1730.


Bhavnagar was founded in 1723 AD by Bhav Singhji, a member of the Gohil Rajput clan which came to the Saurashtra coast from Rajasthan in the 12th century. It grew into one of the 15th richest princely states in India during the early 20th century. The Nilambagh palace hotel was built in 1859 AD as the Yuvraj Bungalow (residence of the crown prince) by a German architect, Mr. Simms, and became the Royal residence. One can access the city of Bhavnagar by road, rail as well as air.

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