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Porbandar Beach

On the south-east coast, about midway between Veraval and Dwarka in Gujarat, Porbandar is located. It is the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi. Dhows are still built here and fish-drying is an important activity here. Porbandar produces gold and silver trinkets, manufactures fine quality silk and cotton.

Chorwad Beach

66 km from Junagadh and 23 km from the fishing center of Veraval, Chorwad is a delightful beach with it's resort on the sunny coast of Gujarat. An excellent road connects it to Junagadh, Girnar, the Gir Forest Sanctuary and the famous temple of Somnath. There are trains from Ahmedabad to Chorwad road station.

Beyt Dwarka

Dwarka has some fine stretches of beach. Though it is a crowded place always full of pilgrims, you can always find a quiet spot to unwind. Shore birds gather in large numbers along the coast. Okha, north of Dwarka is a jetty, from where one can get ferries for Beyt Dwarka, an island covered with temples. The eastern tip of the island, to visit which one may need to charter an entire boat, has a lovely white beach, coral reefs and extensive marine life. Dolphins and porpoise can be seen surfacing to breathe, sea turtles inhabit the beach, octopus, star fish, sea urchins etc abound. Accommodation options are limited. Dwarka receives trains from Bombay.

Somnath & Veraval Beach

The Somnath temple is beautiful and quiet impressive. The aura of devotion is more awesome, but the high point is it's location by the blue waters of the Arabian sea. The beach of Somnath is unshaded but lovely, the views stupendous, and one can enjoy cool, fresh coconuts, camel rides, and spray of the waves as one wade along the shoreline.

Just 6 kms from Somnath, Veraval was a fortified port town of the royal family of Junagadh. The old walls have been pulled down but the impressive Junagadh gate and Patan gate, both with intricate carvings, can still be seen, as can the old Nawabi palace with Gothic features facing the sea. The beach near the palace, has benches and a jogging path, and is a popular place for strolls and swimming in the morning.

The most spectacular sight of Veraval is the fishing port, where thousands of trawlers, country crafts and dhows can be seen unloading their catch. Dhows are built in this region by master artisans who use simple tools to turn piles of rafters and timber into perfectly proportioned, symmetrical sea going vessels (the latest instrument used is a measuring tape). Accommodation can be availed at Hotel Park. Other hotels are near the bus or railway station and offer simple a/c or non a/c rooms. If one wants to be near the sea, there are some cheap hotels, guest houses and Dharamshalas at Somnath.

Mandvi Beach

It is one of the finest beaches in Gujarat and also a historic port town of the Maharao of Kutch. It is situated 298 kms away from Ahmedabad. One of the finest beach resorts of the country, Ahmedpur Mandvi offers exciting options to entertain oneself by lazing in the beach, swimming, or enjoying water sports. The port of Mandvi was an important sea trade post between the near east and the far east, and brought considerable prosperity to the royal family of Kutch. Mandvi town is important to the Maharaos as their capital city of Bhuj, and they endowed it with some splendid palaces and buildings. The prettiest of the beaches is the one which is now being promoted by Gujarat tourism. The beach has lovely blue waters, lots of bird life, sandy beaches and colorful fishing hamlets.

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