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Corbyns Cove

It is the nearest beach to Port Blair. It is 4 km from the airport and 10 km from the town.Bicycle is the best local transport which one can hire in Abeerdeen Bazaar to corbyns Cove.

Chatham Sawmill

This one of the Asia's largest wood processing units. It is located on Chatham island. Some of the woods being processed here are termed as rare. One can find the wood like Padauk too.

Ross Island

Once the administrative headquarters of the British this place is deserted today. Where once manicured lawns occupied space and umbrellas adorned the pool side daily services were held in the Church but now forest & under growths have taken over. Peacocks and deers roam here. The place is in ruins and very sad but it is worth giving a look. On getting down at the Jetty, sign the visitors book as the island is under the Navy and take a look at the small museum to get an idea what this place must have looked in those days. corbyns Cove : Seven kms from the town of Port Blair, it is one of the most magnificent beaches in Andamans. Nearby is the Snake island surrounded by coral reef. Though the water is very tempting is advisable not to swim in these water as the current is very strong.

Little Andamans

Like the Northern Andamans, these islands have been the reserve for the Onge tribe. But the tribe has been confined to south of the Island. These reserves are out of bound areas. Other wise the islands are being developed to be tourist friendly. The waves make this place good for swimming but bad for snorkelling. There is police station where one has to register his arrival. The main beach of Little Andamans is at Butler Bay which also a camping ground for people.

Middle Andamans

The Andaman trunk which through the Middle Andamans have the Jarawa reserves. Jarawas are the native and are very hostile to visitors. So any vehicle passing beside the reserve carries heavily armed gaurds. Independent travelling in this area is discouraged. But the island is open to the tourists and accommodation & other facilities have been provided. Tourists can also visit Rangat and Mayabunder islands.

North Andamans

Diglipur is the place where one spend his night. Recently Kalipur beach is being developed for tourist purposes.

Havelock Islands

Again this island is full of Bengali settlers. The main attraction of these islands are not the picturesque white sand beaches or turquoise waters or the coral reefs but the Dolphins, Turtles and very large fishes attract most of the tourists. It is 45 kms from Port Blair.

Neil Islands

These predominantly Bengali populated islands are 40 kms from Port Blair and offers good beaches for snorkelling. Though some of the corals have been damaged nevertheless it is a very scenic spot to be. Here the beach are numbered and beach number 1 has some lovely hammocks under trees which are very popular among the campers. There is also a fresh water well. One can watch very large fish from these islands. But becomes difficult to cross the corals to the sea during the low tides.

Chiriya Tapu

A tiny fishing village with beaches and mangroves, Chiriya Tapu is 30 kms from Port Blair. From Chiriya Tapu there is a beach which is well known for snorkelling.


Just 29 kms from Port Blair is this stunningly beautiful group of islands. The 15 islands form the part of the 280 sq kms Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. If on a tour from Port Blair, Jolly Buoy and Red skin islands are also visited. But very less time is given to enjoy the beauty of these islands. The scenic beauty of the islands is enhanced by mangrove creeks, tropical rainforest and the reef which support almost 50 varieties of corals.


There are number of good beaches on Wandoor but watch for the strong currents. Do not venture on the coral reefs as they might get damaged. In fact many have already been damaged. The marine park of Wandoor includes the uninhabited North and South Cinque. Cinque islands are among the most beautiful islands in the Andamans. It is surrounded by pristine coral reefs. Here only day trips are allowed and permission has to taken from the forest department.

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