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Cellular Jail National Memorial

The British had built this Jail to penalise Indian Freedom fighters.

Fisheries Museum

This aquarium cum museum has a collection of some 350 species of marine animals found on the island.

Anthropological Museum

The islands are inhabited by tribals who are considered to be the original inhabitants of the Andamans. The tools used by them, their dresses and many photographs of their life style have been kept in this museum.

Samudrika Marine Museum

The five sections of this unique museum display history and geography of the Andaman & Nicobar islands. The displays include islands, the people, the tribals, their life-style, marine life and archaeology. There museum also has a sizable collection of shells and corals.

Mini Zoo & Forest Museum

Port Blair has a small Zoo which houses some of the species which are found no where in the world. 200 species of animals which includes the Nicobar Pigeon and the Andaman Pig. The salt water crocodile breeding programme has been very successful and the many crocodiles which were bred here are now in wild waters among the dense mangrove forests. Though these waters are also being used by the tourists for swimming but three has been perfect harmony between the swimmers and the crocodiles. Near the zoo is the museum maintained and run by the forest department. This unusual museum displays locally grown woods, including Pad auk which has both light and dark colours are present in the same tree.

Chatham Sawmill

This one of the Asia's largest wood processing units. It is located on Chatham island. Some of the woods being processed here are termed as rare. One can find the wood like Padauk too.

Mt Harriet & Madhuban

One can take a ferry service from the Chatnam wharf to Bamboo flat. From there one can take a vehicle to Mt Harriet which is 365 m. A natural trail takes to the top and one can have a comfortable stay at the forest guest house. Towards the north is the Mt Harriet national park and Madhuban. One watch the elephants being trained to carry logs here.


Sippigaht Farm

This is a Government owned farm for research in various kinds of agricultural products predominantly spices. This farm is 15 kms from Port Blair and has new variety of Cinnamon, Pepper, Nutmeg and Cloves.


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