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Port Blair

Port Blair, the capital town of this Union Territory is situated about 1200 km from the east coast of the mainland. It is connected to Chennai and Calcutta by Indian Airlines (Boeing 737) flights which takes about two hours to reach it. By sea it takes about 3 days.

Port Blair city is a cluster of tin-roofed buildings tumbling towards the sea in the north, east and west and petering into fields and forests in the south, thus one can have only a short stay.

These islands occupy an area of approx. 8248 and population of about 300,000 concentrated mostly around Port Blair.

In Port Blair are power cuts part of live, the daily power cuts start around 7:00 pm, this is the moment for many shops to make light using candles and kerosene lamps.

Port Blair has some nice small museums, the best one is the navy museum. In this museum, one can know the names of all the different types of corals and shells.

The Directorate of Tourism provides cozy and comfortable accommodation at affordable prices at Port Blair :

Andaman Teal House

Hornbill Nest

Sainik Vishram Ghar

Places to Eat:
Port Blairís restaurants offer dishes from North and South India, Burmese specialties and a wide variety of seafood.

Annapurna Cafeteria
It serves the usual range of huge crispy dosas, North Indian and Chinese plate meals, delicious coffee and wonderful pongal at breakfast. The lunch time thalis are also great.

China Room
The most tourist-orientated restaurant in town, run by a Burmese-Punjabi couple whose roots are vividly reflected in the chilli and ginger-rich cuisine. Particularly recommended for seafood.

A safe option for non-veg North Indian tandoori, especially Chicken, although they offer a good selection of vegetarian dishes.

A very congenial al fresco hotel restaurant under a shady palm grove, and one of the few places in town you can order a beer with your meal.

Sight Seeing:

Cellular Jail (National Memorial)
Cellular Jail is located at Port Blair, is a mute witness to the tortures meted out to the freedom fighters, who were incarcerated in this Jail. The Jail acquired the name, 'cellular' because it is entirely made up of individual cells for the solitary confinement of the prisoners. It was completed in the year 1906.

The Sound and light show which cannot be viewed during the rainy season of May-Sept and Nov; outlines the history of the prison, and a small museum by the entrance gate exhibits lists of convicts, photographs and grim torture devices. T.       

Andaman Water Sports Complex
This is a unique sports complex in India in its own kind. There are facilities for safe Water Sports such as Rowing Boats, Paddle Boats, Kayaks, Aqua-cycle, Aqua-glide, Bumper boats, etc., and Adventure water sports such as Water-skiing, Water scooters, Gemini boats, Para-sailing, Sail boats, Wind-surfers, Speed boats, Glass-bottom boats, etc., There are Saline Water Swimming Pool, Nature-walk, Change Room, Food Plaza, also. There is a Memorial built to commemorate the Battle of Aberdeen, fought between the British and Andamane aborigines in May, 1859, in which many Andamanese died. There is an artificial water-fall nearby.
Childrens traffic park
This park near Aberdeen Water Sports Complex, is set up by the Traffic Police to educate young children about the traffic rules. There is a Toy Train nearby.

Gandhi Park
This beautiful Park at Port Blair has facilities like children's park, amusement park, entertainment park, deer and bird park, water sports, nature trail,, lake, garden, restaurant and Japanese temple, as well as a bunker. The erstwhile Dilthaman Tank, which was the only source of drinking water to Port Blair has been developed into Gandhi Park in an unbelievably short time of 13 days.

Samudrika Naval Maritime Museum
This is an excellent primer if youíre heading off to more remote islands. It also has a superlative shell collection and informative displays on various aspects of local marine biology.

The Aquarium in the Haddo area in the west side of Town, exhibits in the Anthropological Museum, devoted to the Andaman and Nicobar tribes, include weapons, tools and also rare photographs of the regionís indigenous people taken in the 1960ís.

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